David Ianetta


The call to adventure- all of us have felt it, at least once in our lives. 

That beckoning voice crying out to us, shattering our thoughts like a rock through a glass window. At those times, we find our day suddenly interrupted, as the call demands our full attention. 

Live a life greater than you have ever known! Live for a cause worth dying for! Find out what it means to be truly alive!

Some will silence that voice, allow it to slowly die to a whisper that is easily ignored. But others will hear the voice and follow the message. They will live their life following that call. Turning back is no longer an option, it is too late, they have seen too much. The lies are all exposed but the truth is laid before them like a blinding light, impossible to ignore. 

This website is an invitation to join this journey, and perhaps rekindle that voice within, demanding to be heard.


“I believe that everyone has been created for a purpose and therefore has a destiny. I believe that only those who search for that destiny will find it. That is why I write and take the photos I do, to inspire that search.”  - David